Maharishi Bala Mandir

Our Strength Starts from Maharishi Bala Mandir, Our Kindergarten is functioning at Nehruji Nagar in a comfortable and well furnished eye browing building in an area of 18,000 Sq.ft. to facilitate the incoming KG Students.

All Classrooms are spacious, well furnished, airy and have been converted into "Hi-Tech Smart Classrooms". The walls are festooned with informative laminations and paintings depicting moral values. It has been specially adapted to easily satisfy children's imaginative mind. The Colourful illustrations help in perceiving the central ideas, which gives the combined wisdom and learning experiences. Ergonomically designed furniture have been provided to the students.

The week-ends are with activity classes which instills the analytical and logical thinking of the children. Group activities cater passion of togetherness, a healthy, competitive spirit amoung the children. Literature and spiritual knowledge merges as the children learn the names of Alwars, Nayanmars, Tamil Years, Aaya Kaligal, Thirukkural etc;


  • Rhymes, Hymns and Slogams
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Regional Language
  • Writing
  • Spoken English
  • Physical Training
  • Value Education
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Studies


The days of the week take a different name by our kids' activities as

  • Flowers Day
  • Phonic Day
  • Maha Herba Fest
  • Colours Day
  • Fruits Day
  • Our Family
  • Senses Day
  • Chrysalis Day
  • Helpers Day
  • Shapes Day
  • Seasons Day
  • Animals Day


The celebrations, customs and rituals of any institution reveal a great deal about its culture. Religious festivals from across religions, national festivals and festivals related to our environment are celebrated with great enthusiasm, fervour and pride. Children are exposed to the essence of the festivals through stories, music, dance, food, discussions and a variety of hands-on activities and projects.


Getting involved in extracurricular activies also allows students to get invloved in diverse interests. These activities allow them to explore various interests that they may have. MBM provides training in

  • Yoga
  • Craft
  • Karate
  • Drawing
  • Skating
  • Dance