The success of primary and secondary education is to be gauged by the quality of life found in higher education, business, industry, government and in society as a whole. If problems still exist in every area of the society, the school system must be held largely responsible. However, we believe that these problems arise not from what the schools teach but from what they do not teach.

What has been missing so far from the education is the knowledge of the full development of consciousness. No system of education can be complete which does not prepare the teacher to teach and the student to learn. The aim of our educational institution is to remedy this deficiency by offering an approach, based on the fundamental principle, "Knowledge is structured in consciousness".

The main object of Shri Maharishi Vidya Mandir is to train the students to have excellent character and inspire them with high ideals of service and sacrifice with leadership qualities. The qualitative and value based education is taught to students through Transcendental Meditation , Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM-Siddhi program. It inculcates high moral, ethical and professional standards of life and carve out their own future. It teaches the students to develop faith in themselves, integration of thought, word and deed and developing the cult of discipline, devotion, dedication, determination and discrimination.

The unique feature of Maharishi group of institutions is to implement the above features in the present educational system, so that the student while receiving the education simultaneously develops his full mental capacity by learning the science of creative intelligence, TM and TM-Siddhi programmes along with the present public school education.